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Salt Prints

Salt Prints refers simultaneously to the early photographic copying technique, to the bitter imprints of the Nazi years on both Jews and Germans, and to the genetic printing of the salt DNA. These somber themes are, however, leavened by the general, witty tone. My professional experience tells me that the novel is very timely (especially the theme of the clone as the newest avatar of the golem) and should attract a large readership.

–Jerelle Kraus, former Art Director, The New York Times, author of All the Art That’s Fit to Print and Some That Wasn’t

A remarkable piece of work: it exhibits bravura, animation, audacity, boldness, brilliance, brio, daring, dash, display, élan, energy, at times shameless exhibitionism, panache, punch, spirit, verve, vigor, and virtuosity. At its best, it recalls works such as Don Quixote and Moby Dick.
–Henry Grinberg, professor of Medieval Studies, currently psychoanalyst, author of Variations on the Beast